Our Vision

To pursue excellence in the delivery of health care to women and their families.

Our Mission

To provide a one-stop practice where real caring and compassion combine with education and experience to provide the best care in all aspects of Women's Health. Our philosophy to our patients is based on the support of a hand-picked knowledgeable team which creates excellence in both patients and clinical results.

Welcome to the Women's Health Centre


Excellence in Women's Health where the woman's needs always come first.

Our symbol represents 'Carmenta' the Roman Fertility Goddess of beginnings and childbirth. In mythology, she presided over birth and her priestesses, the nymphs of prophecy. Her name translates as magical spell, oracle, or charm. 

The Women's Health Centre aims to provide a holistic approach to all women's health. Based at Gold Coast Private Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the Women's Health Centre consists of  an experienced team of health  professionals all in the one centre, enabling  them to provide a combined approach to your obstetric and gynaecological health care needs.